MooTools 1.3 Cookbook – book review

MooTools 1.3 Cookbook – book review

Monday, September 12th, 2011 in Mootools

MooTools 1.3 Cookbook Once again Packt publishing asked for a book review and I must say I’m happy to see that more books on Mootools begin to appear on the market. MooTools 1.3 Cookbook is written by Jay Larry G. Johnston (from the author description he is a moohoolic, exactly my kind of person) and right on the cover makes a promise: Over 110 highly effective recipes to turbo-charge the user interface in any web-enabled Internet application and web page. A bold statement that I really hope this book will deliver.

After scanning the Table of contents the main conclusion that emerges is that this is a beginner book, an advanced user wouldn’t benefit much from it. The book takes the reader from the very beginning by covering subjects like where to find documentation for various MooTools versions, how to include the scripts into the header and so on. A good book that in my opinion treats beginners as beginners and tries to explain things as detailed as possible.

What I like about this book is that it tries and explains things as they are in a simple manner with examples and further explaining of code. Sadly, I was hoping for a more extensive cover on classes as they are the heart of MooTools. Last chapter covers this subject trying to put the foundations on understanding how things go when extending MooTools functionality.

On the other hand, being a beginner book might be a good thing since there’s not much real beginner documentation on MooTools and probably this is the main thing that keeps people from using it compared to other js frameworks.

As a conclusion, this is a beginner book that takes the user from the basics of animating, creating elements and things like that to the basics of creating a class and playing with it. It’s a good book when trying to learn things for the first time, has plenty of examples and explanations on code, has even a chapter on debugging with Firefox that I find useful.

If you want to buy this book you can find it at Packt Publishing

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