SlideItMoo 1.1 - improved image slider

SlideItMoo 1.1 - improved image slider

The same idea as the one from v1.0. Some new things added.
Prerequisites for this example:

  1. MooTools 1.2 core and MooTools 1.2 more - visit
  2. * Slimbox 1.65 - visit homepage

Tested on:

  • IE 7
  • Firefox 2, Firefox 3
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 9.5


  1. added continuous navigation
  2. elements are selected based on CSS selector
  3. for banners (but not only if you use autoslide for thumbnails display) added direction control (-1: enter from left; 1: enter from right)
  4. mouse wheel navigation is optional (default disabled)
  5. added effect duration as parameter ( when autoslide is enabled, the duration between slides is the sum of the effect duration and the slide duration )

Updates ( August 4'th 2009):

  1. new parameter elemsSlide. If you want your slider to navigate multiple elements when forward/back buttons cliked, set this to the number of elements you want it to slide at once

Demo 1 - thumbnails slider, div containers:
Use the forward - back buttons.

1: Address Nam porta tellus ac urna
2: Ads Praesent pellentesque eros nec nisl
3: Calendar Vestibulum eleifend scelerisque purus
4: Comment Felis nulla iaculis lacus
5: Home Quisque neque. Donec quam ante, pulvinar vitae
6: Mail Suspendisse sodales turpis. Aliquam lectus
7: News Praesent pellentesque eros nec nisl
8: RSS Nam porta tellus ac urna
9: Search Praesent pellentesque eros nec nisl
10: Sign Vestibulum eleifend scelerisque purus
icons from Smashing Magazine

Demo 2 - banner rotator, enter from left:
On mouse over the slider stops. In can enter from right too. It takes only a parameter to do so.
Remember to set a CSS class on the banners to be used as selector.

Demo 3 - informative banner rotator, enter from right:

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*It is not neccesary to use Slimbox to dislplay the full image. You can use other Lightbox script written with MooTools 1.2 or write your own.

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